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Scrappee STAGG 'Speedbird' Micro Staggerwing Kit


Shipping from the 26th April

Based on the staggered biplane wing layout of the Beechcraft Model 17, the Scrappee STAGG is an easy to build, stable flying model kit, with a performance suitable for light wind days or indoor flying in most sports halls.

With the lower wing position forward of the top wing, the model provides a very different flying experience than the standard Scrappee Trainer and Scrappee Biplane kits. It also looks amazing in the air.

This particular kit is decked out in a civilian aviation style with the 'Speedbird' stripes along the port and starboard sides of the fuselage. The vibrant red livery and large, bold registration numbers make identification and orientation in the air much easier.

NOTE: To get your Scrappee STAGG in the air you will need an RC transmitter (compatible with one of the 3 types of receiver available) plus a suitable battery and charger. Please feel free to CONTACT US if you need some guidance!

Kit Options

The kit is available as Kit Only - which provides you with the complete airframe, OR you can select (from the drop down menu at the top of this page) Kit + Flight Pack, which includes the All In One (AIO) receiver with on board control servos, plus motor/gearbox and prop & adapter to complete the model.

Supported Build

Scrappee STAGG kits come with a step by step printed Assembly Guide illustrating every detail of the build to ensure you succeed in producing a great looking and flying model. 


Assembly Guide

Click on the booklet to download!


Microaces Scrappee STAGG

Airframe Sport
Controls Rudder, Elevator, Throttle
Length 330mm / 13"
Wingspan 427mm / 16.8"
Wing Area 5.60 sq dm / 86.8 sq in.
Flying Weight. 44 - 48g/1.5 - 1.7oz
Wing Load ~8.2 g/sq.dm / 2.69 oz/sq.ft.

Parkzone PKZ3351, PKZ3352 or 


Microaces AIO 5 Channel Receiver

Rec. Motor / G.Box

Microaces Motor Gearbox with 

STANDARD prop shaft

OR Parkzone PKZ3624 

Rec. Battery

1 Cell Lipo. 130-180mAh 1S 25C with

UM connector

E-Flite EFLB1501S45 works well!

Rec. Prop GWS 4530
Skill Level - Build Beginner
Skill Level - Pilot Beginner
Tools required

Scalpel, 180 Grit sandpaper or stick,

straight edge, tweezers

Rec. Adhesive UHU por


Kit Content

SHEET PARTS 2mm laser cut Depron Airframe sheet
1mm printed & laser cut Depron fuselage sheet
1mm printed & laser cut Depron flight surfaces sheet x 2
200 micron printed & laser cut polypropylene sheet
polyester sticker sheet
LOOSE PARTS 0.8mm laser cut plywood motor mount
Two 30mm Ø Sponge rubber tires + 3D printed hub assembly
Four 3mm & two 4mm Ø noedymium magnets
2mm Ø carbon fibre rod axle
pre-shaped piano wire elevator & rudder control rods

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