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Assembly Guides / Instructions

All of the Microaces Assembly Guides and Instruction are available to view in your browser and download for viewing or printing. They are all produced in a PDF format.

We are slowly converting our older text and photo guides (version 1) into the newer format line drawn guides (version 2).

Those kits that have a v.2 guide available are supplied with a full colour, printed booklet in the box.  

Nieuport N.17 v.2 Sopwith F.1 Camel v.2
Fokker D.VII (3 Ch) v.2 Hansa Brandenburg W.12 v.2

Scrappee Classic / Liaison  v.2

Scrappee Patriot II / Savannah v.2
Fokker Dr.1 Triplane v.1 Fokker D.VII (4 Ch) V.1 Main Guide
Bristol F.2b v.2 Fokker D.VII (4 Ch) V.1 Addendum Guide
Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a v.1 Fokker E.V./D.VIII v.1
Sopwith Triplane v.1 Camel Bomb Rack v.2
Airco DH.2 v.1