Microaces IS Making History
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Kit Development

Microaces is constantly developing aircraft to add to its ranks. However it is a slow and considered process with lots of testing, head scratching and cups of tea!

As we hope you will see on this website, we consider quality and design above all else with our kits. This philosophy takes time, effort and a decent amount of financial input too.(Tea isn't cheap you know)

Please help support our business and drive development of new kits by pledging, buying, building and telling your friends, club members and even the dog walkers in the park about Microaces kits! 

The next kit in line for Beta release is:

The Fokker Dr1 'Triplane'


A real challenge on a number of different levels....

The famous (or infamous) Fokker Triplane is a real test of our kit building skills.

The original aircraft was unstable in flight in all 3 axis, extremely maneuverable as a consequence and always demanding pilot input to avoid spinning into the ground!

To reproduce a model that looks the part, but does not always 'act' the part is the real challenge for Microaces.

Of course the Triplane also sported the early motor design rotary engine. Nine cylinders  in a radial configuration, in which the crankshaft remained stationary in operation, with the entire crankcase and its attached cylinders rotating around it as a unit.

A true model of this aircraft would not be complete without a replica of this distinct feature so our design will also incorporate our recently completed 1/24th scale Oberursel Ur.II.