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Kit Development


Microaces is constantly developing aircraft to add to its ranks. However it is a slow and considered process with lots of testing, head scratching and cups of tea!

As we hope you will see on this website, we consider quality and design above all else with our kits. This philosophy takes time, effort and a decent amount of financial input too.(Tea isn't cheap you know)

Please help support our business and drive development of new kits by pledging, buying, building and telling your friends, club members and even the dog walkers in the park about Microaces kits! 

The next kit in line for Beta release is:

The Airco DH.2



Another great design challenge on a number of different levels....


We've got the dummy rotary nailed in the Fokker Triplane and the pull-pull control mechanism sorted in the Fokker D8, so why not throw the engine in the back, minimize canvas, add more string and see what happens. What can go wrong?

The Airco DH.2 was designed by none other than Geoffrey de Havilland and first flew in 1915. The rear mounted prop provided great forward vision and, of course, resolved the problem of forward facing armament shooting off the prop!

At its introduction to WWI, the DH.2 successfully put an end to the period known as the Fokker Scourge, countering the dominance of the Fokker Eindecker in the late summer of 1915.

The unusual configuration of pusher prop behind a very small canvased fuselage with a very open 'cage' rear fuselage and floating tail creates plenty of interesting issues for a kit designer, especially at 1/24th scale and a wingspan of just 14.5".

However we feel confident that we can do the DH.2 justice and intend to use this aircraft to demonstrate what we have learned from our previous kits and bring you something even more delightful and enjoyable to build & fly.