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What do I need?

A Microaces kit is unique in many ways. But it has been designed to build easily and quickly into a great looking model and accommodate off-the-shelf radio control electronics.

How much skill do I need?

Although Microaces Aero is a very different concept in kit building, if you've built a model kit before, whether a plastic replica for static display, a lightweight balsa and tissue affair or even a card model, you'll find many similarities in all of those methods. So a Microaces Aero build should be well within your abilities.

If you're new to the building game, then you'll find Microaces kits instantly gratifying as the aircraft quickly takes shape due to the pre-printed graphics and clear instructions. If you take care and time during the build, it is highly likely you'll succeed in building a great looking and great flying aircraft. And we're always hear to advise should you get stuck!

What tools do I need?

There is little in the way of mess when building a Microaces kit. It's the kind of project that can be assembled on a tray or at a desk or table. There are only 3 essential tools:

  • hobby knife (with a new blade)
  • Tweezers (especially good for sticker work)
  • Sanding stick (A good nail file will do the trick)

What adhesives do I need?

A Microaces kit is designed to be assembled using just one type of glue. A foam safe contact adhesive. We've found the best to be UHU por but there are other product out there too. 

What else do I need to fly?

Microaces kits are designed to use off-the-shelf motors and gearboxes available through most good hobby stores and through on-line retailers.

The kits are also designed to accommodate Spektrum, Parkzone and other micro receivers that are readily available. But you're not restricted to these. Many have flown using their own preferred brand of receiver with little or no modification to the model.

Many of the more popular 'Ready to Fly' micro planes from the likes of Parkzone and E-Flite, once they have been 'flown into the ground', can be used as donors for both the motor and control components required in a Microaces kit.

Check the specification of each Microaces Aero kit to see what the recommended equipment is to get the finished model into the air.

Lets Make History!