Micro Scale Kits for Radio Control
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Microaces is 10 Years Old....

I know, we can't quite believe it ourselves.

10 years ago in May 2011, Simon & I registered Microaces as a Limited Company and set about creating micro scale kits from foam and various other 'exotic' materials. (Use the 10% off voucher below to celebrate with us...)

Our first kits back then were 1/24th 'profile scale' warbirds that went together using UHU por and a detailed, printed self adhesive covering.

Click on the image below to watch the old promo video...

After several years of solid, but not necessarily 'stellar' popularity, we decided to developed a different kitting method that introduced new materials, manufacturing techniques and opened up the vast, potential line-up of WWI aviation, in all three dimensions!

Our Tenth Year is set to be VERY special too. We have two major new announcements that will be revealed in the following months. You'll be the first to know as a Microaces Newsletter Subscriber.

So help us celebrate the last 10 years; build and fly your Microaces kits and look forward to the next 10 years, in which we will continue in our quest to create some of the most iconic, detailed micro flying kits to share with you!

Celebrate with us: here's a voucher for 10% OFF any current Microaces Kit (including Kit + Flight Pack options) for the whole of May 2021!

Your 10% OFF voucher code is:


Simon and I want to take this opportunity to thank all our customers sincerely for their commitment, feedback, kind words and encouragement, patience, ideas, friendship, conversation, videos, pictures and for spreading the word. 

We genuinely believe we have some of the best customers a business could ever wish for. Your support, as always, is what keeps Microaces forging ahead.

Here's to the next 10!

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