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Deluxe Materials FOAM2FOAM 50ml tube


The 2021 New Formula FOAM2FOAM developed by Deluxe Materials in the UK has a number of advantages when building Microaces kits:

  • Improved viscosity for controlled application and longer shelf life
  • Parts can be attached wet for positioning or dry for immediate grab
  • Low / No stringing when applying
  • Non-tacky when completely dry
  • Can be released / dissolved / cleaned using lighter fluid
  • Can be used on all foams and Tyvek without melting or causing distortion.

The last point in that list is probably the most important for Microaces moving forward, as we start to incorporate Tyvek sheet into some of our kits. Having a no-compromise glue that allows you to build without constraint, is what we have been looking for.

The good people at Deluxe Materials listened to our requirements, tested the materials we wanted to use and presented us with this new formula as a solution. We have to say, it works better than anything else that has gone before.

We like it SO MUCH that we will be building ALL our kits with it from hereon in. 

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